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Once the number crunching is completed and the statistics are compiled, the job isn't done.  To draw useful conclusions, the statistics must be translated from numbers to statements.  This is where my specialty lies - translating the statistics in a way and format that is understandable and useful to you. 

Whether you are bringing me an analysis previously performed by someone else or you choose to use Unraveling Data from beginning to end, my goal is to ensure that you will walk away truly understanding your results. 

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Statistics are a powerful tool for any organization, no matter the size or subject.  Non-profit organizations, businesses, students writing dissertations, and individuals with a project can all benefit from Unraveling Data's services.  Whether you are looking to publish an article, make changes to your business, revamp spending, or decide what services to provide, Unraveling Data can provide statistical analysis that will direct and aid you in your decisions. 

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Do you have numbers, but don't know what they mean?  Or do you want to go beyond basic statistics for a project but are unsure what that next step would be?  Or perhaps you want to learn more about available methods of analysis and having it performed by a professional?  The initial consultation is FREE, no matter the type of inquiry.